Wool Addicts by Lang Yarns

Never before have we seen the kind of buzz about a new yarn collection as we have about Wool Addicts! The brain child of the folks at Lang YarnsWool Addicts was a year and a half in the making while they perfected the brand. And trust us, perfect is an understatement!

Wool Addicts had its official release on July 1st and judging by the response on both Facebook and Instagram, we can see that knitters are chomping at the bit to get their hands on cutting edge designs and fibres.

Targeting younger and newer knitters, Wool Addicts embraces the uncomfortable “what if’s” new knitters have, and encourages them to own their mistakes and experience that feeling of finishing that just can’t be bought.


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Wool Addicts is all about going back to basics, simple lines and designs in sophisticated natural fibres. This collection of five exquisite yarns focuses on the four elements of nature, FireWaterEarth and Air, plus the one thing human beings need to survive: Love.

Wool Addicts feature eleven colourways in each of the five yarns. In keeping with the back to basic idea, there are eight natural, muted shades plus three trending colours. Each colour represents its own theme when combined with the eight warm neutral tones. Ocean Spray embraces the sea, salt air, sand dunes and seashells with shades of aqua, mint and petrol. Cute, but…combines dreamy pinks and glorious greys in stylish but casual patterns that will appeal to any young knitter looking to dress without stress! The last theme is Shine Out, featuring decorative seams and asymmetric shapes with a vibrant pop of gold, the “cool girl” colour of this season. Shine Out reminds us that all is not gold that glitters!


Super chunky and extra-fine merino at its best! Fire is a super-soft yarn for big-knit looks. This is the chunkiest member of the Wool Addicts family–perfect for accessories and bulky knit sweaters.




100% crimped baby alpaca for soft and voluminous looks without being too fuzzy. Water is the most textured member of the Wool Addicts family.




Blended alpaca and merino fibres with an extraordinarily soft touch. Earth is the most crisp member of the Wool Addicts family.





Coloured merino fibres are airspun around a core of nylon. The result is a cloudy, foamy look in vibrant colours. Air is the loftiest member of the Wool Addicts family.




A chained thread made of supersoft merino. Love is the leanest of all the Wool Addicts family and creates super-lightweight pieces.



All of the patterns featured above, and way too many more to list, are available in Wool Addicts Book #1. Bulky sweaters, cowls, scarves, fingerless mitts, a kimono…how will you decide which one to knit first? There are oodles of patterns for each of the yarns ranging from easy accessories to full garments and are available in English, French, Dutch and German.

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