Madeira Premium Stabilizers

The use of a MADEIRA Premium Stabilizer is an absolute necessity in sewing and embroidery. They will greatly enhance the quality of sewing for both the novice and professional embroiderer, whether using an entry-level or a top-of-the line machine. The proper stabilizer will make the difference between homemade and handmade, and provides the backing and support necessary to eliminate puckering, stretching and distortion of stitches or fabric. 

MADEIRA has a stabilizer for every type of embroidery, patchwork, and quilting. Choose from 12 carefully selected premium stabilizers categorised in Tear Aways, Wash Aways, and Cut Aways - with four different weights in each group, every one suitable for a wide range of different uses.

Each MADEIRA premium stabilizer is packaged in its own clam-shell smart box which keeps the contents in perfect condition, and protects the stabilizer from both dirt and moisture.

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