5 m (5.5 yds) Art. 019
100 % Viscose Filament 4-strand embroidery floss

The high quality rayon of Decora brings a lustrous and silky brilliance to your embroideries, making your favourite colours shine intensively. In daylight, Decora embroideries are immediately eye catching, as the interplay of light and shadow transfers to the colours, transforming your design into a living artwork.

Decora is a 4 strand thread simple to strand for use in hand embroidery and can easily substitute Mouliné cotton whenever high sheen and brilliant depth is required.

Smocking, needle lace, for highlighting tapestry, and especially useful wherever a high lustre is required to develop that design in cross stitch or satin stitch.
Create strikingly brilliant embroidery with Decora. 4-ply Decora is simple to strand, has a noble and precious silky sheen and can be used to stitch any project designed for stranded cotton.

Test the new multicolours and marvel at the stunning variety of embroidery variants. The effect comes automatically from the spiral package, without any need for changing the colour. Combine Decora with Mouliné and make your embroideries a distinctive and unique masterpiece. Whether classical cross-stitch, satin stitch or shadow embroidery – Decora never fails to please!